In order to make a payment you must first set the payee as a merchant. The following are the steps.
  • Log into your MOREBanking and click “Payments”.
  • Under “Merchant Payment” click “Add New Merchant”.
  • Choose your desired insurance from the drop down list that appears next to “Merchant name” and select next.
  • In the “Merchant Details” screen, fill in the following information.
  • Nickname (your means of identifying the payment). The nickname can be a combination of letters and numbers; no spaces allowed.
  • Billing account number (enter the Policy number)
  • Customer name on invoice (enter policy holder name)
  • Select submit.
  • Click confirm after you have verified your information.
  • Click “Ok” to successfully create the merchant.

    To Make a payment

  • Click on the "Payments" tab.
  • Click "Pay" next to your desired merchant under "Merchant Payment"
  • Select the account from which the payment is to be made from the drop down list next to “Pay from account”.
  • Insert your payment amount and click pay.
  • Confirm your payment details on the confirmation screen and click pay.
  • NOTE - Print your confirmation screen as proof of payment

  • Log on to the MySJCCU mobile app
  • Select pay bills
  • Register your State Insurance Account number(Policy Number) and save the info.
  • Then enter the amount and confirm payment.
  •  Send an email to, requesting sign in credentials.
  • Search and download the ACB Mobile App in Google Play or Apple App Store
  • Sign in with credentials received
  • Go to “Add Merchant”
  • Select “State Insurance Corporation” from listing of merchants
  • Insert a billing number or State Insurance Account Number. If none, put any reference number of your choice
  • Review and submit. State Insurance will now be among your list of merchants
  • Select the account from which you wish to have the funds transferred
  • Transfer desired amount from this account to merchant, State Insurance Corporation.
  • Review and submit transaction.
  • If you experience difficulty completing this process, please contact us at 481-4377.

  • Connect to Scotiabank online
  • Select "Pay Bill"
  • Click on "add a payee".
  • If SICL does not pop up search by Typing the company name

  • Add account number- policy number.
  • Kindly delete the letters and replace Them with zeros until there are 16 Characters.

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